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Walter Russell - Cosmic Philosophy

Walter Russell, a man ahead of his times made great contributions in art, science and philosophy within a context of spiritual enlightenment with inspired writings on the nature of the cosmos and Man's relationship to God in the unfolding of his 'genuis' or 'divine potential'. In this discussion we can read a portion of his writings, insightful commentary and dialogue. I plan on keeping this thread 'active' as time and devotion permits.

Walter Russell Discussion

The Kybalion

Welcome to this discussion of the ancient Hermetic teachings of The Kybalion - a compendium of the metaphysical principles underlying the nature of the Universe, God and the Self as such is understood thru the Medium of MIND. Studies herein will give the spiritual student those keys necessary for spiritual growth and proper use of consciousness within the domain ones life purpose and the laws of creation.

The Urantia Book

The Urantia Book is an amazing tome of knowledge given by angelic beings about the nature of God, Existence, the Cosmos, the purpose of life, the creation of the vast universes, the history of this planet which they call 'Urantia' (hence the name of the volume) and a full account of the life and teachings of Jesus (consisting of 4 Parts). I highly recommend reading Part 1 (The Central and Superuniverses) as foundational to the whole cosmology of Existence. (exceptional!). I find the Urantia Book Fellowship an excellent portal site to begin your exploring this awesome tome of knowledge also known as the Fifth Epochal Revelation. Click on Urantia logo. May truth, goodness and beauty adorn your souls as you aspire towards your lifes calling and destiny in the Divine Plan.

 Urantia Book Discussion

What is absolute Truth? - explorations in 'being' and 'consciousness'


One of the most profound and peculiar teachings I've discovered are those of Dr. Alfred Aiken - he taught a philosophy concerning the All-ness of God and the nature of Truth, Reality, Spirit, Being, Intelligence.....these terms denoting the All-Supreme ONE...who is the I AM that I AM. These teachings recognize the Consciousness of the ALL....springing from the premise of God being the Only Mind that IS. One Infinite Intelligence.


Alfred Aiken Discussion