Adventures in Consciousness




 Opening to the One, the All-pervading Space of Transcendental Being, Love-Bliss, Eternal Beauty, Joy. This is the One that Is ever Being. It is the ever resplendent Condition of radiant Awareness, Omnispace, OmniLove, Omniglory, OmniLight. This is the One Power and Presence, Self-existing as the One I AM.




Here, Now....is the Fullness of divine BEING in its all-encompassing Totality. Now is Wholeness. Now is Peace. Here in the Fullness I AM is All That IS. Perfection. Utter Completion. Unity. The 'I AM' is Ever-Radiantly ALIVE. The 'I AM' is forever knowing ItSelf....in self-reflected Living Awareness, the quintessence of Being. This Perfect Presence is Love, Beauty, Joy. All potentials and actuals abide in this Infinite Intelligence that I AM. I therefore bless, empower, grace, anoint, endow, shower,....all that exists with My Love-Bliss-Joy.





Sublime, ever-present, Existential. One. All. Here. Present. In this Uni-tegrity of Spirit, I AM all-pervading LIGHT. All That IS, is here in the Awareness of Presence. In depths of Stillness, all Power enfolds and unfolds within the Fulcrum of the Heart of REALITY, the Actuality of Living Presence. All is breathed within and without of this Core, this nucleus of divine Being wherein all things inhere. Presence includes all, enfolds all, transcends all, is All. All That Is, Is ever-being in Presence. Nothing can exist apart from Presence. Presence is Original. Presence is One. Presence is Power. Presence is Truth.