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"The fact that Life is forever means that death is never." - Alfred Aiken

Here is a wonderful little sentence that packs a punch...forcing one to look again at the concept/existence of Lifes eternality and the enigma of what is commonly perceived as 'death'. This teacher presents us with God being the Totality/Fullness/Allness of LIFE...here and now...forever being. 'Death' then must not be actual and only to our limited, dualistic, finite senses appears to be a phenomena of nature as we see things pass.... come and go from our vision. However if we look to the Absolute, the ONE, the Ever-living ALL who is 'God'...who fills the Entirety of BEING...being ALL that IS.....then death is only relative and does not exist in the One Divine Being that God IS...the Living Universal ONE. This gives us great optimism to look forward to the continuation of consciousness as Infinite Intelligence forever plummets the depths and heights of MIND....exploring, creating the unending dimensions of Light in Infinite Space. If Life is indeed forever....then death is only a passing phenomenal appearance in the realm of relative perception...but non-existent to the Universal ONE. (quote above taken from the book 'NOW' by Alfred Aiken, pg. 186)

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The God Who truly and Really Exists is not present as a separate (or exclusively "Other") Personality anywhere in cosmic Nature. Nor is That One to be identified with any subtle object in Nature, or with any of the lights observable via mystical consciousness. That One Is Real (Acausal) God. You Realize That One only by entering most profoundly into the Inherently egoless Self-Domain (or Self-Position), the Domain of Prior Existence (or Is-ness), the Tacit Self-Apprehension of Being (Itself).

The Avataric Great Sage Adi Da Samraj

Nature of God - Dr. David R. Hawkins

1. God is both manifest as the Totality and Allness of Creation and simultaneously unmanifest as the Godhead, the Infinite Potentiality and source or 'voidness' prior to form. 2. God is infinite beyond time or depictions of space or locality, without beginning or end. 3. God is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. 4. God is the source and substrate of consciousness, awareness, knowingness, and sentience. 5. God is the sole source of the energy of life. 6. God is the source of evolution and Creation, which are one and the same. 7. God is the source and presence of peace, love, stillness, and beauty. 8. God is beyond all universes and materiality, yet is the source of All That Is. 9. God is the sole source of existence and the potentiality of beingness. 10. God is the ultimate context of which the universe and all existence is the content. 11. God is the a priori formless source of existence within all form. 12. God is not within the province of the provable or the intellect. 13. God is the source and essence of the subjective state of "I- ness" called Enlightenment. 14. God is the radical subjectivity of Self-realization. 15. God is descriptively immanent and transcendent. 16. The human experience of the Presence of God is the same in all ages, all cultures, and all localities. 17. The effect on human consciousness of the experience of the Presence of God is subjectively transformative and identical throughout human history. It leaves a timeless mark that is verifiable as a calibration of a recorded level of consciousness. 18. The essence of God does not include human frailties, such as partiality, the desire to control, favoratism, duality, judgementalism, wrath, righteous anger, resentment, limitation, arbitrariness, vanity, revenge, jealousy, retaliation, vulnerability, or locality. 19. The variabilities of the depictions of Divinity reflect the variabilities of human perception and the projections of the impediments of the ego and its positionalities. 20. The purity of the Presence of God is traditionally the essence of the ineffable quality of holiness and is the basis for the depictive term "sacred". That which is devoid of content is the equivalent of Innocence. 21. When the obstacles of human mentation, emotionality, and the ego's structures from which they are derived are transcended, the Self as God Immanent shines forth of its own accord, just as the sun shines forth when the clouds are removed. 22. God is the context and source of the karmic unity of all Creation, beyond all perceptual descriptions or limitations, such as time or space. 23. Truth is verifiable only by identity with it and not by knowing about it.