Adventures in Consciousness

Fall of 2006 Update - Ascended Master Teachings


Greetings all,............its been a wonderful journey as I AM opening to greater realms of Being in the ever unfolding vistas of Infinite Mind. Curiously the soul currents have been drawn to the ascended Master teachings and dispensations. These souls have lived thru many earth-lives and have achieved their ascension in the Higher Perfection and Light and thru the Great White Brotherhood (a heirarchy of enlightened and ascended souls) are serving souls on earth....assisting them in their spiritual progress/perfection and ultimate Ascension in God. The ascended masters have chosen various messengers to dispense their teachings in each generation accelerating Man to self-mastery and perfection thru Love....ultimately bringing the Golden New Age to earth. Let each one graced with such opportunity for soul-refreshing discern for themselves by the Spirit of truth and their Higher Self if there be any value or benefit to their instructions. The following are links on the ascended master teachings are shared for info. purposes only, as I am still studying these movements and their teachings. Let the spiritual seeker use their own guidance -


The I AM Activity - Saint Germain Foundation

Ascension Research Center

The Summit Lighthouse

The Temple of the Presence

The Shangra-La dispensation

Leona's ascended master pictures and teaching

Glossary of terms and definitions

Ask the Real Jesus

Unfolding View of God

The adventure of Life is ever wonderful....and the prospect of discovering new dimensions of Light, ever bountiful. It seems my theological interests have been steering farther away from traditional, orthodox venues...into a more ontological perspective,....a philosophical exploration into the nature of Being within a metaphysical, even scientific arena. Looking out into INFINITY thru the Consciousness that I AM.....opens up the Field of the All, wherein the "I" contains the fullness of All that IS....this Awareness having within it...every dimension....being Itself dimensionless. This presents an eternal frontier of ever enjoying creation as Intelligence conceives/perceives of every possible reality within the Allness of Its own ever Living Awareness. As we chart the various fields of study concerning the nature of God and our relationship to the ONE....the absolute truth of MIND being the purview of Consciousness remains thru-out. The more traditional, orthodox portrayals/pictures of God are naturally reviewed and challenged in the face of ever expanding knowledge of Reality or Truth as MIND perceives such....the parameters exploding in the surgence of LIGHT. One can look to whatever conceptions exist and see them relative to the Whole of what MIND knows....therefore attaining a more thorough, replete Vision of the Absolute and the Relative in the Matrix of the ONE. -3/24/05